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July 2016!

Zumba Punch Card Sale!

It's that time of year: Karson Reed's Zumba Punch Card Sale! Sale starts Saturday, July 9th and goes through Saturday, July 16th. You don't want to miss this; it only happens twice a year!
~13 classes for $65
~26 classes for $105

**Don't forget that any time you bring someone new YOU and YOUR FRIEND get a FREE class!**

I moved to a cardless punch card system through a system called Mind Body. No worries if you still have the old paper punch cards! Those never expire and are good until you use them all up. The new "cards" you purchase will be online.

If you can, before you come to class to purchase a card, sign up through the Mind Body website or Mind Body app on your phone (If you have a smart phone, using the Mind Body app would be the easiest). You can go ahead and purchase your punch cards and pay with a credit card. You can also go ahead and sign up for a punch card and pay cash/check when you come to class. Below are the instructions for the app (paying with credit card and paying with cash/check) and the website (paying with credit card and paying with cash/check).

If you need any help, no worries! I can help you in class. Just come early or we can stay after for some one on one training!

Mind Body App instructions:

1. Download the app on your phone. https://www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-app   
2. Create a log-in name and password.
3. Search for Karson Reed in the search box (magnifying glass in upper right corner) and then click on my business (full business name is Karson Reed & Weezie Davenport Zumba Instructor and Health Coach).
4. If you want to purchase a punch card deal with a credit card:

  • Hit the button that says Pricing with a picture of a grocery cart.
  • Choose Zumba classes.
  • Pick the special you want (you can add as many as you want to your cart).
  • Then hit the Add a Card button to put in all of your credit card info.
  • Then hit buy. 
5. If you want to pay with cash or check:
  • Click on schedule and scroll across the top until you find the date and time of the class you want.
  • Click on the class and click the Book button.
  • When you come to class, I will see you are signed up for the class, and we can make our cash/check transaction.

Online instructions:

1. Go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=285957
2. If you want to pay with a credit card:
  • Click on the tab on the upper right that says ONLINE STORE.
  • Click on the drop down box and select Zumba Classes.
  • Choose the deal you want by clicking on it. You can put as many punch cards in your cart as you would like. 
  • Click on the blue Check Out button at the bottom. 
  • Now you will be prompted to create a Mind Body username and password.
  • Then you will need to input your credit card information.
  • Click the blue Place Order button
3. If you want to pay with cash/check:
  • Go to the tab at the top that says CLASSES.
  • Look at my class schedule and click on the Sign Up Now button next to the class you would like to attend.
  • If you do not have an account, it will prompt you to set one up.
  • Then you will choose register unpaid.
  • When you get to class, I will see you are signed up and we can complete our cash/check transaction.

Shake It Off Challenge!

Want to start the New Year off right? Looking to get healthy and fit in 2016? Want to eat fresh, whole foods and get in a realistic workout routine? Good news! Karson & Weezie's next Shake It Off Challenge starts Friday, January 8! If you are a returning client, you receive $10 off any package! Want more information or have questions? Email me: karsonreed@gmail.com 

****Click here to sign up! Click on either 1 person challenge or 2 person challenge. Once you pay, we will contact you with instructions on what will happen next!

Previous posts from 2015 Below

My Return!

Hello my Zumbies!

For those of you who didn't see on Facebook or hear through the grapevine, I had my little bambino! And he wasn't so little! Frank Lincoln Reed (he goes by Linc) was born on May 23 at 8:35pm, and he was 9lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches long! Whoa baby! We are so thrilled to have him in our lives! The awesome Big Brother Berk said, "Mommy, I love Linc outside of your belly!" Thank goodness, because he's not going back! We love him so much!

So I wanted to let you all know that I will be back in action teaching my Zumba classes starting Monday, June 30th! I am so excited to get back and see you all. I have missed you so much and have been craving some Zumba! Oh, but don't worry; I have been working on some new dances to WOW you all upon my return. We will be getting FANCY with no PROBLEM and celebrating our VIDAs by going LA LA LA! (Those are some hints on the new songs I'm working on...)

Thank yous!
I want to thank my guest instructors Lindsey, Lynn, Lauran, and Molly for keeping things going while I was on maternity leave. They are awesome, and I can't tell you all how amazing it was to have these ladies keep things running so smoothly!!!  I also want to thank all of you for continuing to support my business while I was away. I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Our Zumba community is just hands down the best.

Let's get this party started!
Starting the day I come back, I will be running a punch card and drop-in special for 2 weeks (Monday, June 30th through Saturday, July 12)! You can drop-in for $5 (usually $7), and you can buy punch card deals: 20 classes with 6 FREE for $100 or 10 classes with 3 FREE for $60.

**Don't forget that anytime you bring someone new YOU and YOUR FRIEND get a FREE class!**

Also, Saturday, July 5th is a FREE class for everyone! Come on out and get sweaty with me for FREE! I am just so excited to be back, I can't even stand it!

I will be doing some more special things over the next month to celebrate my return from maternity leave and the pure fact that I am not pregnant anymore! Woo hoo! So stay on the lookout for Zumbie appreciation week with giveaways and a Zumbie appreciation cookout!

Job opportunity:
I am looking for new baby-sitters for the fall. My 2 wonderful girls are both moving on to take a big girl job (Kelley) and go off to college (Katy). :( I need some reliable ladies who are available Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 8:45-10:20am. They need to be able to handle multiple children at one time with ease. I pay well for their time plus they get $1 tip from each mom who drops off their kids. If you know of anyone who would be interested, email me their contact info, and I will interview them. Thanks!!

Thank you all for everything, and I will see you all on the dance floor soon!
with all the Zumba love,

Maternity Leave

My last official day before I go on maternity leave will be Saturday, May 10. I only plan on being out 5 weeks after I give birth, so whenever that happens, the count down will be on for my return! I look forward to coming back and getting my dance on with all of you!

While I am gone, things will stay the same just with subs!
~You can pay with Karson Reed's Zumba punch cards, you can buy new punch cards if needed, you can pay for a drop-in ($7), if you bring a new friend you both get a free class, etc.
~There will still be babysitting on Monday and Wednesday mornings for $1.
~My subs will also be using my music and choreography, so don't feel like you will have to learn new stuff every time you come while I'm gone!

Here is the sub schedule:
Mondays at 9:15am--Lindsey
Tuesdays at 5:30pm--Lauran
Wednesdays at 9:15am--Lynn
Thursdays at 5:30pm--Lynn
Saturdays at 9am--Molly

If you have any questions or concerns while I'm gone, feel free to email me (karsonreed@gmail.com) or contact me through Facebook (Karson Reed's Zumba).

Karson Reed's Zumba at BFAB DANCE STUDIO!

I am very excited to announce that Karson Reed's Zumba has a new location! We will now Zumba out of BFAB Dance Studio located in Bradley Square at 5629 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC. Come to class at 9am to check it out!

You can purchase punch cards at the following rates:
~10 classes for $60
~20 classes for $100
Punch card specials will be announced when they come available.

Drop in rate will be $7 per class. If you have someone who has never tried Karson Reed's Zumba, you can bring them (or send them) for FREE. If you come with them that day, you will receive a FREE class too!

I will accept cash, credit cards, and checks made payable to Karson Reed's Zumba. I will come to class 20 minutes early to collect money and punch cards. We will still have a sign in sheet so I can keep track of my numbers.

I tried to keep my schedule as close to the same as possible. There is a change in times for my Tuesday/Thursday classes--they start at 5:30pm instead of 6pm (there is an existing dance class that starts at 6:30, so I had to shift up a half hour). Here is my schedule:

Mondays 9:15am to 10:15am (babysitting available)
Tuesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Wednesdays 9:15am to 10:15am (babysitting available)
Thursdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Saturdays 9am to 10am

We have 2 awesome ladies who will be babysitting for us! Katy Wishon will be there on Monday mornings and Kelley Stanley will be there on Wednesday mornings. Sorry no babysitting on Saturdays at this time.

So that we are able to keep these wonderful ladies, I am asking that everyone "tip" them $1 when you bring your kids in (NOT per a kid, just $1 overall).

~If you have a potty trained child, make sure to watch for them if they need to go to the bathroom. Katy and Kelley won't be able to leave the room to take them, but they can bring them in the room to get you to take them to the bathroom (I'm going to be in this boat soon...maybe! ha!).

~If you have an infant, you will want to bring them in their baby carrier or have something for them to sit on/lay on (I will also have one of these soon too! yay!).

~If you are cleaning out old toys soon and have some you would like to donate to our babysitting room, that would be awesome!

There is a little room off the Zumba room that has 2 bathrooms, a refrigerator, and a water jug. I will keep waters in the fridge for you all to grab if you forget your water bottle for the day. Also, I will keep a water jug in case you need a refill on your water bottle. Make sure you bring your own full water bottles to class whenever you can. (But I know I forget sometimes too!)

How to find the place:
It is located in (5629) Bradley Square. Once you get in the shopping center, it is to the left of Diva's Closet Exchange. There is no marque sign for BFAB, so you have to look for it. If you just park in the parking lot and go to the place to the left of Diva's, you'll see it!

~Here are a few other land marks to help find the studio: It is in the same shopping center as Olympia's Restaurant; across the street from LaCosta Mexican Restaurant; on the same side of the road as the Hess gas station and Dunkin Donuts. Hinton Ave. is the street that runs right next to Bradley Square Shopping Center. Hopefully this helps you find the place!

If you have questions, please email me at karsonreed@gmail.com.
See you all soon so we can shake off the holiday weight!

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